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Legal Aid Clients Welcome

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Lawrence Forstner, Criminal Lawyer in Oshawa, Expert Qualifications and Specialized Training:
Former Crown Attorney;  Former Probation & Parole Officer;  Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA), Sex Offender Risk Assessment, Strategic Initiatives in Community Supervision (STICS), Sex Offender Relapse Prevention, Substance Use / Anger Management Group Leader/ Trainer.   ( )

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Forstner Law - Finding the Path to Justice

For many years, as a probation & parole officer, I worked with people in trouble with the law. Many simply felt trapped by the system and the huge cost of defending themselves. The criminal system can exert forceful control over our citizens.  Vast and complex, its weight can be staggering, its effect felt strongest by the poor and the vulnerable. After years in the parole world, I got a law degree and switched to working as a crown attorney, before becoming a defence lawyer. My experience is now put to use in criminal defence law, fighting the system on behalf of my clients. Call Forstner Law in Oshawa.

Criminal charges often coincide with chaotic periods in a person’s life.  There is value to examining things at such times. Lawrence has spent years helping clients with substance abuse, anger management, and recurring problematic patterns.  When appropriate, apprising Courts and Crowns of counselling efforts, that have been attended to from the beginning, can make a big difference. Courts are used to accused persons paying lip service to counselling needs; Lawrence can help you to approach these topics in substantive ways that contribute to achieving the best possible outcomes in your case.

Scrutiny is the key to defence: the evidence, the investigation, then the rules and the Charter. The accused is never required to prove his innocence. The crown must prove his guilt.  When it comes to the methods of defence available,  it’s a matter of testing everything  Know this: you should not be going to trial unless there is a realistic chance of a better outcome than is currently available.  Your input is important to me.  You are the expert on you.   We are partners in this effort.

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in Oshawa, ON.  Criminal Defence Lawyer

Mr. Lawrence Forstner,  JD, MBA, BAA
Principal Lawyer
Lawrence received his Law Degree (Juris Doctor) from Osgoode Hall Law School and his MBA from the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management. Prior to starting Forstner Law, Lawrence worked for many years as a Probation & Parole Officer. Lawrence articled with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, Toronto Crown Attorney’s Office, both at Old City Hall and the Superior Court of Justice. He held positions as a Crown Attorney in Toronto, Kitchener, and Cochrane North, where he worked with First Nations' communities. Lawrence is grateful for the open and welcoming relationships and education he gained from this experience. In his downtime, Lawrence is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys carpentry and renovation.

Forstner Law explains the law, the workings of the system, and the alternatives; applying our expertise to lead our clients to their best possible outcomes

We navigate turbulent waters, protecting the rights of our clients.  You and I are forward-looking.  We are strong.  And we will be heard.

The Forstner Law Commitment to Customers in Oshawa and the Durham Region

The role of the criminal defence lawyer is crucial to a functioning justice system. Without fierce advocacy, there is no barrier to the raw and arbitrary abuse of power. You need a lawyer that thrills at the prospect of speaking truth to power.  If you have been charged with a criminal offence in the Durham region or beyond, call on Lawrence to assess your case.  His consultation is free; his advice may be crucial.

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