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Lawrence Forstner, Criminal Lawyer in Oshawa, Expert Qualifications and Specialized Training:
Former Crown Attorney;  Former Probation & Parole Officer;  Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA), Sex Offender Risk Assessment, Strategic Initiatives in Community Supervision (STICS), Sex Offender Relapse Prevention, Substance Use / Anger Management Group Leader/ Trainer.   ( )

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Probation is not intended to punish the offender so much as to rehabilitate the offender (R v Goeujon, 2006 BCCA 261).  This has always been the rationale behind systems of probation.  However, we are living in a time, after the Harper years, when the Ontario probation system has come under a lot of criticism for not supervising probationers as closely and as harshly as some 'law and order' commentators mistakenly think the probation services mandate requires.  Unfortunately, at the same time, a whole range of government bureaucrats have been unable to effectively convey the far more nuanced version of what probation is and can be.  The best minds in the probation world know that the core mandates of reducing recidivism and protecting public safety are best satisfied through the delivery of appropriate programming while treating probationers with dignity and respect.

As a former probation and parole officer in the Durham Region and Toronto, Lawrence Forstner has a profound understanding of the best and the worst of the probation system.  He is a probation and bail breach defence lawyer in Oshawa & the Durham Region.  If you have been charged with Fail to Comply with Probation, he is the criminal breach defence lawyer you want in your corner.

Recent studies have revealed that fully one third of all criminal charges that clog up the criminal justice system are what are known as 'Administration of Justice' charges.  These are breaches of probation, breaches of bail and breaches of other similar orders.  As a former crown attorney, Lawrence has experienced how exasperated most crowns and judges are at having to process all these charges.  Forstner Law can help you bridge the gap between this type of charge, and a reasonable outcome that doesn't, in effect, punish you for making some fairly common mistakes while serving previously delivered sentences.

Make no mistake, the criminal justice system can grind people up once it has its teeth in you.  Forstner Law in Oshawa is well aware of many cases where someone is given probation for an offence, and 5 years later, they are still serving a sentence because they have repeatedly been breached.  It pays to hire Forstner Law in Oshawa as soon as you see trouble brewing in the probation relationship.  And simply pleading guilty to a probation breach may be a big mistake.

There are many in the system that feel that there are too many Fail to Comply charges being laid, so fighting the charges might actually bring you before some who are more sympathetic than you think.  Forstner Law can navigate this system with the knowledge of someone who was on the inside for many years.  Let Forstner Law help you ensure that Probation actually lives up to its intended purpose: to help people recover and get back on their feet.   It should be a hand up and not a foot down.  Holding the system to account is what a good defence lawyer can do.  Speaking truth to power is easier when we do it standing side-by side.

Breach of Bail
Likewise, people are often charged for breaching a term of bail when they did not intend to, but didn't understand the nuances very well.  This can lead to months in jail, and in effect, cause people to plead guilty to things they didn't do, just to get released from incarceration.

Parole violations are more tricky to deal with because people remain under the authority of the corrections system when they are on parole.  But Lawrence can also help a great deal in lessoning the damage of alleged parole violations.  His work within the system included supervising many parolees.  His knowledge may prove invaluable.  Call Forstner Law in Oshawa, ON. to discuss whatever your concerns in the probation, bail, and parole arenas.