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Theft comprises a broad category of legal offenses that can range from shoplifting or petty theft to large thefts over $5000, or armed robbery.  Forstner Law in Oshawa is a law firm that specializes in defending clients against charges of theft and fraud.  We understand that theft is a broad and sometimes unwieldy area of law, but we have knowledge of various facets of criminal theft law, and we will strive to treat your defense with the utmost personalized attention. We can help you avoid conviction, achieve a reduced sentence, or reach a reasonable plea bargain. Call Forstner Law in Oshawa, ON today to schedule a consultation - 289-316-2573 - or email: Lawrence@ForstnerLaw.ca

A Deeper Look at Shoplifting
"Shoplifting" sounds so trashy, so anti-social and contemptible, that society easily vilifies those accused and found guilty, but there are deeper issues at play in many cases.  The charge will be "Theft Under $5000" and if you do it too many times, you will be going to jail.  But a deeper look reveals that for many, there is much more going on psychologically than the term shoplifting implies.  For many, the urge to shoplift is similar to the urge to drink or do drugsAnxiety, addiction, poverty, abuse, and a whole range of mental health factors can be at play.  If we accept, as I advocate, that we all experience mental health issues at various times of our lives, then shoplifting ought not be thought of in the simple way it often is.  To give an example, I had a client who always shoplifted on anniversaries of major trauma in her life.  She had had a rough upbringing, experiencing abuse and neglect, and these things had not left her unscathed.  By the time she had a child of her own, she was not yet well prepared to be a parent.  And so, she experienced the unimaginable horror of having a child taken away by the local children's aid.  Eventually, she irrevocably lost the child to forced adoption.  10 years later she committed a rash of shopliftings around the anniversary of the day her child was taken away.

She had money, she had even paid for a number of things, but she stole anyway, and was caught.  Why?  The anxiety and depression - the deep trauma she relived day after day, year after year, was too much for her.  She felt like she needed to get out of her own skin, to distance herself emotionally, psychologically, from the pain from which she could find no relief.  The rush, the excitement, the risk-taking of shoplifting, gave her momentary relief; just as drinking or drugging, or cutting, or stealing cars, or gambling, do for others.  None of these behaviours happen in a vacuum; each is explainable and in fact quite 'rational' given the background and context.  It is quite common for those who have unresolved trauma to fall into some type of maladaptive, self-destructive behaviourWe all do it to some extent; soothing ourselves, distracting ourselves in some way or other.

If you have found yourself caught up in the criminal justice system for serial shoplifting, or even if it is the first time you have been caught, consider the words here.  Lawrence Forstner is a criminal lawyer in Oshawa, but he is also a trained counsellor, with many years of experience helping those who have gotten caught up in problematic behaviour and in the criminal justice system.  Your charge is not you.  It may be a symptom of deep and understandable, underlying issues worthy of respect and thought.  Forstner Law will treat you with dignity.  Call Forstner Law in Oshawa, and let Lawrence Forstner take some of the weight off your shoulders

​Criminal Fraud Defence in Oshawa, ON.

​The most common criminal fraud offences charged in Ontario are from section 342 of the ​Criminal Code - Theft, forgery, etc., of credit card​.  They are extremely serious and if the amount of money is significant, being convicted can come with up to 10 years in jail.  The law in this area began developing many hundreds of years ago (although credit cards are relatively new) so defences have been well explored, and are more sophisticated than one might think.

​The possession and use offences require proof of knowledge by the accused of the character of the credit card.  The prosecutor (crown) must prove that the accused knew the credit card, or forged or falsified credit card was obtained, made, or altered in a manner specified in the other sections. Do not make the mistake of pleading guilty just to get it over with.  The consequences could be disastrous.  Call Forstner Law for a consultation.  Lawrence is a fraud charge lawyer in Oshawa & the Durham Region.  There may be avenues of defence that only a sophisticated review will turn up.

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